REIKI is a gentle, non-invasive, and effective mode of natural healing. Its use spans centuries and diverse cultures, while its most recent interpretation is rooted in Dr. Mikao Usui’s work in 1920s Japan.  It is inclusive of all collective belief systems and spiritual paths, making it universally available to all who welcome its boundless therapeutic potential.  Reiki is a universal healing art of loving-kindness, compassion, harmony, and peace. As such, it is my chosen form of activism: the cultivation of inner and outer harmony that unifies our person into wholeness and abundant flow of life.

Reiki is an exceptional energy therapy in that it catalyzes the body’s innate wisdom and own healing ability in an integrated, comprehensive manner - thereby addressing one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas precisely in the way you need.  Reiki only provides beneficial effects and works in a balanced way to ignite overall well-being.  It works seamlessly with any other form of therapy, treatment, or medicine. The most beneficial number of sessions is ultimately guided by you, with the central objective of achieving and sustaining whole balance.  As effects are cumulative, for some this may mean occasional sessions, yet for others, regular monthly lifestyle sessions may be more appropriate. When used as a lifestyle management tool, it will continue to nourish a continuous flow of thriving wholeness and abundance.


A signature, custom blend of Reiki and complementary natural healing tools to soothe, restore, clarify, harmonize, ground, empower, align and awaken you to cultivating your truest and fullest potential.

In my experience, clients who thrive begin with three sessions spread out over the course of six weeks. This allows for you to integrate and allow the work to establish as well as open you up to greater expansion. After three sessions, therapies are spaced in partnership with clients’ personal energetic goals. For greatest benefit, energetic wellness guidance is always integrated into my work.


Sessions for all seasons of life and for any physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual condition. For those seeking to heal and balance relationships, couple and family sessions are also available*. All persons and belief systems are welcome.

60-90 minutes, $80 per hour

All purchased services include up to two weeks of follow-up text and/or email exchange.

*please inquire about special pricing for two or more persons


With two small warriors of my own, I’ve experienced the profoundly positive effects of incorporating Reiki into a child’s lifestyle.

30-60 minutes, $80 per hour

*in-hospital visits available for a nominal travel fee


Sessions for all seasons of motherhood (parenthood): aspiring mothers, pregnant mothers, new mothers, seasoned mothers, grieving mothers, and single mothers.

60-90 minutes, $80 per hour


Animal Reiki sessions for all animal species.  As a vegan, I foster a unique connection, humble appreciation, and deep respect for all animals. I listen to the timeless wisdom and embodied presence that these sacred beings impart on us. Through heart-centered communication with their own voice, animals are given the space to be agents of their own healing process and well-being.

30-45 minutes, $80 per hour + plus nominal travel fee

See below for membership prices


Loving, supportive sessions during hospice care and/or end-of-life transitions, including Reiki for pain management. The delicate cycle of dying and death is an expression of a beautiful season of our and our loved ones’ lives where peace, connection, and healing release can abound. As we close the chapter on our physical existence, we transition in abundant wholeness back to our timeless existence. Reiki serves as a powerful ally in expressing our graceful embrace of this meaningful and sacred rite of passage.

60-90 minutes, $80 per hour

Please connect for special requests


~Distance sessions available

~Full sessions in Spanish available

60-90 minutes, $80 per hour

Please connect with me for more information.



An offering of energy healing sessions of your choice to take place within 3 or 6 months from the initial purchase date.  Initial sessions, except for animals, are approximately 90 minutes in length and subsequent sessions are approximately 60 minutes in duration but may run longer at your discretion. Animal therapies extend 30-45 minutes per session, or as long as the animal invites for.

Hஇ: $75 hourly rate for 3 pre-paid hours

Eஇ: $70 hourly rate for 6 pre-paid hours

Aஇ: $75 hourly rate + plus nominal travel fee for 3 pre-paid hours (for animals)

Lஇ: $70 hourly rate + plus nominal travel fee for 6 pre-paid hours (for animals)

Please connect with me for more information.



Monthly charitable donations to a selection of local causes.

Please connect with me for more information.