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Will you lead a creative or a curated life on your next walk around the sun in 2019?

The most valuable thing we have to offer the world is not our force, our ambition, or our ability to problem-solve, but a cultivated inner life, a centered spirit and the courage to create.
— AmyAnn Caldwell

When the chatter of the holiday season has silenced, we meet ourselves in a creative white space that allows for making peace with our own silence. In this space, we can step fully into the greatest expression of ourselves. Gather with me at our January 12th Reiki and Sound Healing Circle as we explore this creative space and consciously manifest an incoming year of creative expansion through the cultivation of daily creative practice (creative mindsets, creative communication, creative action, etc.) …and leave all the curated stories of our world behind.

Come comfortably, simply, and don’t forget your yoga mat and socks. A portion of all proceeds will benefit The Gentle Barn. More details below


~ Katherine R.

White : Opening up to our creative self |  Black : Closing down the noise of a curated life and world

White: Opening up to our creative self | Black: Closing down the noise of a curated life and world

Your Word of the Day

Sound is the resonance of who you are.
— Chloe Goodchild

We practice intention with what goes into our mouths (i.e., the chilis pictured), but what about what comes out of our mouths via our words?  Let's ask ourselves: What do the words I utter say about me?  What values do my words embody?  What do the words I think, my inner dialogue, say to me?  What is my verbal signature?  Words have energy.  Words are energy.  Words create or destroy, allowing us to expand luminously or dwindle.  Words are catalysts and allies in our manifestation of healing, peace, and positive transformation.

According to Chloe Goodchild, the Aborigines believe in the notion that we have the capability to sound a whole new world into being.

Don Miguel Ruiz writes about "being impeccable with your word" in The Four Agreements.

I invite you to cultivate a daily practice that uses the rich beauty of language to create more harmony, more love, more connection, and more alignment...within yourself, beyond yourself.

Let's sound a whole new world into being through our choice of words.  Using our voice for conscious communication, what a privilege and what a responsibility it is.

In authenticity and co-creation,

~ Katherine R.

Today's post is dedicated to Pono Kai's healing and voice, the best Australian Shepherd I know.

Chilis laying out to dry and greet me in Nepal

Chilis laying out to dry and greet me in Nepal