There is always music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.
— Minnie Aumonier

I pruned my head this week, as one prunes a tree in preparation for Spring — my own internal and external Spring. I spontaneously bid farewell to all of my hair. For new growth, for raw, authentic presence, for lightness and freedom and simplicity, for cultivating intentionality, for women, for my children, for my spouse, for the world, for 77 other reasons, and for quiet. Especially for quiet. This act and ritual of courageous self-love marked a new season of symbolic rebirth, renewal, and transparency for me. Becoming “bare” has opened up new field of quiet for me, in many magical ways, where I can listen and perceive, with newfound focus, to the quiet amongst the trees in the garden of my life. In this raw quietude, I can hear the whispers of what needs tending to — and I can water and nourish that, as I love a plant. May we often remind our hearts to capture the lovely silence of growing things: our children, the unrushed and delicate natural world, and our soul’s garden. And, as a plant, may we always lean towards the light, especially when the skies are gray.

Me in Bloom

Me in Bloom

Upcoming இ Event Saturday, March 9

On March 9th, we will gather to build mindful community through social healing and sharing of the universal language of benevolent energy. This will be an evening of sharing healing reiki, sound, and ritual.

Be kind enough to hold space for a stranger and courageous enough to expect nothing in return. Your heart will be filled and your soul nourished in a circle of giving and receiving.

We come together to support each other on our individual and collective paths. In a circle of giving through empathetically holding space for each of our journeys, we receive. Our safe and inclusive environment of support embraces and holds us in a vessel of deep healing and self-discovery. We all know one another in the collective experience of being human together. We hold each other in equal balance and, without expectation, we give and receive to and from one another to magnify our healing experience.

Please bring one small token of giving to exchange in the circle (e.g., a flower, a stone, a short poem, a favorite tea bag or incense stick).

Come comfortably, simply, and don’t forget your comfortable yoga mat and socks (blankets are recommended). A portion of all suggested donation proceeds will benefit The Gentle Barn. More details below


~ Katherine R.

The most giving hands that I have known

The most giving hands that I have known

Upcoming Event இ Friday, November 2

Love the handful of earth that you are.
— Pablo Neruda

Silence is a forgotten language. The village well is a forgotten meeting place. On November 2nd, I will be hosting an evening where we celebrate both (sound & silence). Join me for a small community gathering of meditative sound, uplifting stillness, and restorative energy balancing. This will be a casual evening of conscious self-care (yoga attire), where we will unwind our grip, awaken in self, connect in community, and explore the quality of the silence that the sound leaves behind for us. This is a casual, no-frills celebration of self-love and inter-connectedness. Come comfortably and don’t forget your yoga mat and socks. Light refreshments will be served. A large portion of all donations will benefit The Gentle Barn. More details below


~ Katherine R.

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