As energy beings, the expression of our well-being is reflected in our energy field, or biofield. The biofield is an energetic blueprint, a matrix extending outside the physical body and surrounding it. Ancient and modern science support that our field of energy holds information, or our vibratory signature. Within our electromagnetic essence lies the vibrational expression (sound) of our physical, mental, emotional planes, and more. When we allow the science of sound and healing to dance together, we re-write our story and create a new song, one of coherence and limitless potential.

VIBRATIONAL SOUND THERAPY is a deeply restorative mode of sound healing that utilizes the sound waves of specialized tuning forks to harmonize and calibrate your energetic body to its optimal frequency and vibration.  As with an instrument, SOUND BALANCING, or BIOFIELD TUNING, gently and effectively "tunes" the physical, mental, and emotional layers so that you may experience an amplified state of being, and of wellness and vitality.

Sound Therapy can be integrated seamlessly into your Reiki session.  Please request upon scheduling.

For centuries, humans have used sound instruments and voice to heal and restore the body, mind, and soul.  Out of the array of sound therapies and tools available today, I have chosen to practice this particular therapeutic sound healing art for its scientific integrity, simplicity, effectiveness, and artistry.

I dedicate my sound therapy work to my vibrant, influential grandmothers whose songs are forever a part of my life's soundtrack and are lovingly and intricately woven into the fabric of my life. - Katherine R.