Thank you for being here with me.  I am honored by your visit to this sacred space, for this is where my heart beats.  I am Katherine, a certified REIKI MASTER trained in the Usui Reiki lineage and system of natural wellness.  It delights me to offer creative, empowering energy therapies to all who are called to my specialized work.  Visit often, as I am continually developing my repertoire.

REIKI-NATIVE was born from the virtue that Reiki is innately native to me, to you, and to the web of life.  I believe it is a resounding string that connects us to our illuminated selves, to other beings, to nature, and it’s my instrument of choice for unifying our whole selves in a modern world.  In 2012, Reiki found me while I was traveling through Southern Africa.  After witnessing an extraordinary Reiki healing, it wasn’t long before I embarked on a journey to immerse myself in this powerful, ancient art and to weave it into my life.

Reiki, like no other experience, has been life-giving, humbling, and boundlessly transformative for myself and my family. Decades of dedicated practice, research, and study have culminated into REIKI-NATIVE.  Sharing the expansiveness of energy work with my clients is equally humbling, thrilling, and fulfilling.  I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to give to others in this gentle, effective way, and for the beautiful teachers who have inspired my work.  I aspire, through my practice, to meaningfully and impactfully ignite your life, too.  I invite you to explore my offerings and to experience yourself unfolding and thriving as a Reiki native.

KATHERINE R., Reiki Master & Energy Healing Artist